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                                        Work in Progress:  FALL DOWN FLAT

Women's fiction novel out to beta readers, Fall Down Flat (working title) is about a woman, Anna, whose husband is suddenly killed in a traffic accident leaving her in huge debt and with two children to raise. The road to financial and emotional independence is very rocky as her teenage daughter is picked up for shoplifting and then gets in worse trouble. She meets a man and his family who are struggling through unemployment just to put food on the table who will affect her life drastically.

              The detective who arrests her daughter shows interest in her and that infuriates her daughter no end since it's he who is interfering with her life and her misconducts. Anna is attracted to Detective Jeff but feels quilt because of her husband's recent death.

              I enjoy writing about women who must learn to become independent in life and how this affects her family and her relationships.

Welcome to six sentence Sunday!!

    My excerpt this week is from my debut novel, Windswept! It'll be coming out in about 6-8 weeks and is a women's fiction novel about a family in deep trouble. Their old sailboat, Windswept, is one place they can always get away and have fun as a family. Now it has become part of the problem. Will it be part of the solution and part of their future? Maybe. But Mother Nature could have something to say about that.

David stood alone on the dock between the rows of boats clutching the cooler to his midriff as Caroline and Lily walked away from him. He watched them go but couldn’t make himself move. Fear, regret, and uncertainty kept him rooted to the weathered boards and his gaze turned toward the sleek white boat and suddenly it became a symbol of everything he had with his family.

In that moment it all crystallized like a portrait in his head- a vision of his wife and his beautiful little girl on the deck of the boat this afternoon, laughing and happy and excited. Life as they knew it was carefree and it was good. It was an illusion.

Thanks for visiting my site today. I can't wait for my book to be released this spring and I can't wait to get it out there so you can read it and tell me how you like it! Visit the other authors and check out their excerpts too at

Cindy's Blog

    I've wanted to publish a book my whole life. My roommate in college was Nan Kress, multiple award winner in science fiction. I came close once and probably would've sold the book if I'd know more about the system. Now that I've sold a book to a publisher (Soul Mate), I'm going to update that other book and see if I can get it published. I'm sure I can. It's a good book.
    I credit my association with the Western NY RWA for getting my first book published. The support, expertise and camaraderie I've found there for my success.  
    Beyond everything, my hubby has been so supportive of my writing. He's seen me through many phases of my writing and has never doubted my dedication. He's supported me through everything, being understanding when I was discouraged and happy for me through all my successes.

    I plan to use this space to discuss lots and lots of different topics from news about the publishing world to pet peeves and idiosyncratic topics. I invite you all to participate in these forums with opinions of your own and fun facts you have to support your ideas.

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